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Mushroom Disguise bong thumbnail

Mushroom Disguise bong

This delightful mushroom ornament is crafted in the late 60’s style pre-Magic Roundabout era with an atmosphere akin to ancient English woodland that was popular…oh wait a minute…IT’S A BONG! COOL!
Nirvana Bong thumbnail

Nirvana Bong

Reach nirvana....have a toke on this.
Pistol Bong thumbnail

Pistol Bong

Bang Bang - Play russian roulette with this ceramic pistol bong, you actually toke it through the bullet end
Rastafari Smiley Bong thumbnail

Rastafari Smiley Bong

Buffalo Soldier...Stolen From Africa Let them hear the lion’s roar as they look upon the colours of the Rasta donning your Smiley bong like a beautiful sunset!   May this Happy Bong encourage fighting oppression from the system, a voyage to the Rasta Zion, help you take care of your te…
Skull Bong thumbnail

Skull Bong

Well well well…Mr Death has either become a vampire and then decided to attend a children’s art class, or maybe he’s gone to a rave and decided to go as his favourite Twilight character. Who knows? What is true is the fact this skull is made with real quality workmanship and yet is unlikely to be nicked by anyone.
Smiley Bong thumbnail

Smiley Bong

Aciiiiiiddd! Yep retro 80's ravers bong is here to remind you of your raving days!!!
Turtle Bong thumbnail

Turtle Bong

Even if you don’t have brothers called Leonardo, Donatello, Rafael or Michelangelo, or have a father figure who is actually a big rat or an arch nemesis called Photocopier or something, you’ll still love this brilliant Turtle Bong with double pipe!
Wizard Bong thumbnail

Wizard Bong

Chill With Merlin’s Inner Circle Explore the fantastical world of magic! It’s up to you, be it another dimension, planet, universe or in the nooks & crannies of your mind. This tall wizard with a majestic red-orange beard that practically smacks you across the face will be your pati…
Yoda Bong thumbnail

Yoda Bong

May the force be with you when you use this vibrantly green ceramic bong characterised with a master Jedi Warrior from the planet Dagobah! You might as well hone those Jedi skills on May the 4th!
Yoda Bong thumbnail

Yoda Multicolour Bong

A ceramic type bong this is! Good it is, to smoke with me I say. Strong in the force, it will make you! Vary, the color and appearance may! Enjoy this bong you will, I guarantee. Very popular this bong is. Buy when available, you should!
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