Turtle Bong
Even if you don’t have brothers called Leonardo, Donatello, Rafael or Michelangelo, or have a father figure who is actually a big rat or an arch nemesis called Photocopier or something, you’ll still love this brilliant Turtle Bong with double pipe!

    Want to Feel Cool and Rude like a Party Dude?

    This awesome Turtle Bong will get you there in no time: he’s a ceramic turtle (about 6 inches tall) with a blue shit, trousers and a hat. He clearly knows how to party, making him a ‘party dude’, plus he has all kinds of holes in him, making him a bit rude…so all in all he’s pretty damn cool.

    This is a perfect gift for bong lovers. You won’t see many like this and especially not that many with this particular level of turtle goodness. Rhino Gifts will get this to you ASAP and if you find it cheaper anywhere else online, they will beat that price.

    Get Your Very Own Turtle Bong Now!

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