Skull Bong
Well well well…Mr Death has either become a vampire and then decided to attend a children’s art class, or maybe he’s gone to a rave and decided to go as his favourite Twilight character. Who knows? What is true is the fact this skull is made with real quality workmanship and yet is unlikely to be nicked by anyone.

    What Happened to Death?

    The guy that designed this is clearly not afraid of Death, because you can bet that when Mr Death does lay his gaping oblivion eye-holes on this skull bong, he’s isn’t going to be too chuffed at the serious piss taking that has been going on at his expense. Plus he’s not a Vampire…or is he?

    Rhino Gifts think this skull bong is as brilliant as it is nuts and will happily send it your way quickly and discreetly and will beat any better price you can find for it online.

    Get Your Skull Bong Now!

    NB: Rhino Gifts’ products are not to be used for any illegal substances.

    Colourful skull bong
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