Eye Ball Bong
An eyeball in your bong? Whatever next; a pancreas in your toaster, a testicle in your wardrobe, a boob in your Frosties? As weird as it might be, it is a key ingredient in what makes this brilliant bong well worth a look.

    Can You See Yourself With This Bong?


    Its floating eyeball can see you and you can see it looking at you, peering into your soul as you gaze upon its unblinking, unflinching stare, so it’s pretty much guaranteed to freak you out at some stage… What’s more it comes in 3 sizes, is made from extra awesome German plastic, has a handy ice trap, is super light and will last you a long long time.


    You won’t find many of these weird bongs. Rhino Gifts loves the weird and wonderful nature of this cracking bong…even if it is bit freaky. Get it delivered quickly and discreetly and for less than you’ll pay anywhere else online.


    Get Your Eye Ball Bong Now!


    NB: Rhino Gifts’ products are not to be used for any illegal substances.

    30cm, 40cm or 50cm
    Floating eye ball
    Additional Notes
    Ice trap
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