Boob Bong
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    Tits and Bongs?

    The perfect bong is here. Obviously it’s awesome the fact this bong looks like a set of boobs, but what’s even better is the fact that it works a treat, is easy to clean and is a healthy 20 cm tall. Plus when you get this out at a party, or give it as a gift, you can be 100% confident that it will get a laugh.

    For some reason these sell out really quickly. So you better get your hand out of your trousers and get your very own Boob Bong now. This makes a brilliant and hilarious gift whether someone collects bongs or not, plus if you find this item cheaper anywhere else online, Rhino will beat that price.

    Get Your Awesome Boob Bong Now!

    NB: Rhino Gifts’ products are not to be used for any illegal substances.

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