2 Toke Predator Bong
This intriguing bong is as ugly as it is awesome. It’s like a crazy skull with mad colours on top of it and two pipes coming out of its head like an alien. It’s 7 inches (18cm) of insanity that you are going to love…or be terrified of…you’ll find out.

    Got Time To Bleed?

    Predator quotes are some of the best movie quotes of all time, but this bong is nothing like the monster in that film. Oh no, this guy is twice as crafty, twice as brutal, twice as aggressive and twice as weird looking. He’s 7 inches of skull monster with a psychedelic pattern on his head and two bong tubes. Bizarre and Brilliant.

    Rhino Gifts found this unique bong and just had to make it available to you. It’s too mad, too colourful and too damn cool not to make it into your life. You can have it delivered quickly and if you find it cheaper anywhere else online, they will beat that price.

    Get Your 2 Toke Predator Bong Today!

    NB: Rhino Gifts’ products are not to be used for any illegal substances.

    2-Toke Tubes 2 Man ceramic Bong
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