Bottle to bong Kit
This is the anti-bong! If you don’t fancy some of the crazy looking ones on offer, this is the perfect antidote. It’s simple, minimalist, DIY and you can change the bottle whenever you like. What’s your favourite flavour?

    Are You A DIY Fan?

    This kit allows you to create your very own bong. All you need is a plastic bottle and some water and you’re all set. You can probably use whatever you like come to think of it, as long as its watertight and you can cut a suitable hole in it for the kit to work. A hot water bottle? A football? A wheelie bin?

    Everyone should have one of these. Bongs can get in all kinds of scrapes as they deal with life in all its glory, so having this puppy in your drawer will ensure major disasters can be averted. Can you afford not to get one?

    Get Your Bottle-to-Bong Kit Now!

    NB: Rhino Gifts’ products are not to be used for any illegal substances.

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