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Bottle to bong Kit thumbnail

Bottle To Bong Kit

This is the anti-bong! If you don’t fancy some of the crazy looking ones on offer, this is the perfect antidote. It’s simple, minimalist, DIY and you can change the bottle whenever you like. What’s your favourite flavour?
Buddha Incense & Tea Light Set thumbnail

Buddha Incense & Tea Light Set

Add a sense of calmness & peacefulness to your living space with this Beautiful Buddha Incense & Tea Light Set.
Colourful & Anodised Bong Stems thumbnail

Colourful & Anodised Bong Stems

There's a size & colour for any metal oriented d.i.y bong project you have in mind!
Pürr 2 Go Portable Dabbing Kit thumbnail

Pürr 2 Go Portable Dabbing Kit

Described as the world’s first indestructible bubbler, this high quality glass dabbing kit allows you to have an extra bit of fun on your travels by getting some dabs in along the way. Use it with some of your favourite extracts!
Showing 1-4 of 4