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Boxed Glass Shotgun Pipe thumbnail

Boxed Glass Shotgun Pipe

If taking intense hits of your favourite herbs is your style, then get packing and shotgun those hits with a glass shotgun pipe! The Pass The Bong Crew's got an amazing variety of lengths, all snugly protected in a black box with an interior felt lining!
Ceramic Pistol Grip Bong thumbnail

Ceramic Pistol Grip Bong

This ceramic bong is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in one hand! It has an interesting color scheme and has a molded hand grip at the base. This is a very simple bong and is one of a kind! Get one before we run out!!
Keyring Bullet Pipe thumbnail

Keyring Bullet Pipe

The bullet shape of this keyring pipe can surprisingly intimidate someone. Believe it or not, some people would actually mistake this tiny pipe for a real bullet! The size and appearance make this pipe both easy to conceal and take in nearly anything, anywhere.
Pistol Bong thumbnail

Pistol Bong

Bang Bang - Play russian roulette with this ceramic pistol bong, you actually toke it through the bullet end
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