Small Pistol Grip Glass Bong
This funky looking bong is made for sheer ergonomic practicality. This means that it was designed to work with your body, so the length of the pipe, the size of the mouthpiece, the pistol grip and the weight have all been considered so that it is as comfortable and satisfying for you to use as possible. What’s the green leaf design got to do with ergonomics? Nothing, it’s just pretty.

    Feeling Lucky Punk?

    Just because it’s a pistol grip doesn’t mean you have to go all Dirty Harry when you pick this small glass bong up. It was designed for maximum comfort for the user and just out of sheer luck, has ended up looking pretty darn fine too. You won’t want to use another bong after you’ve tried this one.

    While this may not be a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world, a gun that could blow your head clean off, this awesome bong, despite having a fine pistol grip, will not blow your head clean off at all…(cough)…unless you want it to.

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    24cm high
    Green leaf design
    Large Black base
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