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Heavyweight Coloured Glass Pipe (Animal Version) thumbnail

Heavyweight Coloured Glass Pipe (Animal Version)

Babies of JAWS...or the Sarlacc Pit??? These cute yet disturbing little creatures appear to have potentially originated from a couple of particularly scary sources. Death by the Sarlacc Pit in the old Star Wars trilogy is comparable to some of the gut wrenching practices of the Dark Ages. It seems …
Jilter Glass Pipe thumbnail

Jilter Glass Pipe

Named after the handy pack of pre-rolled Jilter filters that it comes with, this Jilter pipe is made from pure, safe & clean lab glass scientifically known as Borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass makes this pipe wonderfully durable, and has been used by glass artists way back in Ancient Egypt. Don't be surprised if you get the urge to "Walk Like an Egyptian!"
Justin Hale Black & White Glass Bong thumbnail

Justin Hale Black & White Glass Bong

Justin Hale Smokeware is a premium brand of smoking accessories which includes high quality products for the discerning smoker. If tremendously tall bongs that deliver a pure & clean taste without breaking like a glass slipper are your thing, you'll find it right here!
Justin Hale Premium Glass Bong thumbnail

Justin Hale Premium Glass Bong

Justin Hale Smokeware is a premium brand of smoking accessories which includes high quality products for the discerning smoker. If you're looking for an attractive glass bong that will deliver a pure & clean taste without breaking like a glass slipper, you'll find it right here!
Large Conical Glass Bong thumbnail

Large Conical Glass Bong

This large conical glass bong is a classic shape and a beauty to smoke with. It has a big bowl with a large stem that is inserted from the top of the piece and a side shoot mouthpiece. This bong is very aesthetically pleasing and unique.
Small Upright Glass Waterpipe thumbnail

Large Upright Glass Waterpipe

This thick glass bong is very simple, but very large. It comes equipped with a removable bowl for chute clearing and easy cleaning.
Leaf Conical Glass Bong thumbnail

Leaf Conical Glass Bong

This bong has a slight tint to it and is conical shaped. It has a removable bowl and a side shoot mouthpiece. This bong also has a black leaf decal on the front side. This bong stands at 29 cm (~12 in). This bong will fit in very nicely with any colle
Lunar Bong thumbnail

Lunar Bong

Our Lunar Bong looks like it came from Mars or some other outer space location. It is beautiful and has a smooth colored glass finish that is available in a range of funky colors.
Lunar Straight Glass Bong thumbnail

Lunar Straight Glass Bong

Just like the original Lunar Bong but without the bubble chamber or the bent mouthpiece, this is a very neat looking bong with a straight mouthpiece. This is made of the same quality colored glass that makes it look like it is from outer space.
Medium Pistol Grip Glass Bong thumbnail

Medium Pistol Grip Glass Bong

This medium sized glass bong stands at a decent height of 30 cm (~12 in). It is designed with a handgrip near the base of the bong for stability and functionality. This is a very unique and fun bong to use and own.
Mini Glass Bong thumbnail

Mini Glass Bong

Unlike the seemingly lightning fast little lizards that scamper about the garden, the reptile that clings to this glass bong is an easy catch who won't break your wallet.
Psychedelic Elephant Glass Pipe thumbnail

Psychedelic Elephant Glass Pipe

Sooooooo Much Cooler Than a Pink Elephant! This little buddy has so many unique beautiful colours, cool patterns, spots & swirls that you’ll never miss the pink elephant that occasionally comes out to play. It’s almost the same as holding a tiny nebula in your hand! The hardest part…
Pürr 2 Go Portable Dabbing Kit thumbnail

Pürr 2 Go Portable Dabbing Kit

Described as the world’s first indestructible bubbler, this high quality glass dabbing kit allows you to have an extra bit of fun on your travels by getting some dabs in along the way. Use it with some of your favourite extracts!
Rasta Cola Bong thumbnail

Rasta Cola Bong

With awesome Rasta colours, a cola bottle shape, a long tube and the fact it’s really easy to clean, this small portable bong is just what you need. It’s handy for taking on picnics, for keeping in an emergency first aid kit, can be easily stowed in carry on luggage and will make the perfect Christmas gift. Though don’t forget Rastafarian Christmas is on the 7th January
Rastafarian Spiral Pipe thumbnail

Rastafarian Spiral Pipe

Gorgeous Rasta Colours Spiralling into Action! Taste the Rasta Rainbow formed in a series of 8 beautiful glass spirals when you toast your favourite herbs.   If you are feeling it, crank up some sweet Reggae, too!     Get Your Rasta Spiral Pipe Today! NB: Rhino Gifts’ pro…
Round base glass bong with wood base thumbnail

Round Base Glass Bong with Wood Base

This is a very nice and simple ornamental glass bong that sits on a wooden base. This bong comes equipped with a large hit hole and several small green leaf decals on the front end of the bong.
Rounded Glass Waterpipe thumbnail

Rounded Glass Waterpipe

When you have a whole smorgasbord of bongs available to you, sometimes you can get carried away and get some kind of transformer bong made of diamonds and coconut shells, when all you need is a small clever little bong like this one. Think about it…
Sherlock Holmes Style Glass Pipe thumbnail

Sherlock Holmes Style Glass Pipe

London's ultimate mystery solving master most definitely would not be the same without occasionally puffing away on his iconic, curved wooden pipe. The shape of this stunning glass pipe is a very close resemblance, and is complete with a magnificent glass-blown design in three beautiful colours!
Small Glass Bong thumbnail

Small Glass Bong

While small isn’t always beautiful (think amoebas, bogeys, your armpit, some mouldy cheese) in the case of this small glass bong, it certainly is true. You won’t find a neater example of a bong with will deliver in all areas including ease of cleaning, style and practicality. (Stop looking at your armpit.)
Small Glass Waterpipe thumbnail

Small Glass Waterpipe

This little beauty is a fairly small glass water pipe. It is so small that it can be carried everywhere. This pipe is 9.5 cm tall (~4 in) and has a choke on the front end. This is a very simple piece.
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