Bourbon Bottle Bong
Everyone likes a tipple every now and then, especially your friends, so why not tease them and please them with this bourbon bottle bong. It is even designed to look like you made it yourself from a discarded bottle of Jack, so with a wink and a smile you

    Do You Know Jack?

    Whether you know him like a favourite great-uncle or a just a distant cousin, you’re going to love this brilliant bottle bong that is in no way commercially affiliated with JD. It may look like a DIY kit but it’s far from it, its all real and all good. Plus its scaled down so no one will accidentally drink any dirty water you might have inside of it… bleurgh!

    Rhino Gifts is occasionally after a long day partial to a little snifter of the hard stuff. That may be why this bourbon bottle bong is so well loved in the office. For you though, this means that you get it delivered discreetly, rapidly and if you find it cheaper anywhere else online, Rhino will beat that price. Cheers!

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    NB: Rhino Gifts’ products are not to be used for any illegal substances.

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