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Blue Elephant Glass Pipe thumbnail

Blue Elephant Glass Pipe

This Elephant’s Got the Blues Unless you spend some time with this gentle giant who’s actually quite small in its colourful glass form, this elephant will never get over its case of the blues. It’s puzzling. How can this animal be depressed when it’s so shapely, colourful &a…
Blue Hued Heavyweight Glass Pipe thumbnail

Blue Hued Heavyweight Glass Pipe

It’s Got the Blues Composed of pure, clean glass in the land that is home to the majestic Mount Everest, this pipe comes in 3 eclectic spotted designs. Each pipe features a deep blue hue possessing an an appealing ethereal glow.   The double layered glass in this pipe’s creation …
Bombay Gin Bong thumbnail

Bombay Gin Bong

This high quality glass bong is carefully crafted from a miniature gin bottle. These look almost too cool to be used! Small, compact, and made with tough glass, this Gin Bong could probably take a drop or two!
Bourbon Bottle Bong thumbnail

Bourbon Bottle Bong

Everyone likes a tipple every now and then, especially your friends, so why not tease them and please them with this bourbon bottle bong. It is even designed to look like you made it yourself from a discarded bottle of Jack, so with a wink and a smile you
Boxed Glass Multi-Spiral Pipes thumbnail

Boxed Glass Multi-Spiral Pipes

They’re not gargantuan monsters, but they do have more than enough spirals to hypnotize! Can you handle 8…or even 10 twists & turns in your glass?
Boxed Glass Shotgun Pipe thumbnail

Boxed Glass Shotgun Pipe

If taking intense hits of your favourite herbs is your style, then get packing and shotgun those hits with a glass shotgun pipe! The Pass The Bong Crew's got an amazing variety of lengths, all snugly protected in a black box with an interior felt lining!
Glass Spiral Pipe thumbnail

Boxed Glass Spiral Pipe

This is the adult version of those fun, oddly shaped straws with so many twists and turns. This one’s more fun because it’s glass & you can smoke with it!
Glass Ice Bong thumbnail

Bubbly Glass Ice Bong

Triple Bubble, Stylish Downstem & Sturdy Base! There’s plenty of space for ice to crowd in with three generously sized bubbles comprising this tall glass ice bong. The deep blue downstem matches really well with the practical flat glass bottom that’s adorned with the simple art of a…
Cola Bong thumbnail

Cola Bong

This bong was meant to resemble a classic cola bottle. This glass water bong has a flexible hose for smoking. Enjoy a refreshing hit from the cola water bong.
Colourful Glass Percolator Bong with Ash Catcher thumbnail

Colourful Glass Percolator Bong with Ash Catcher

What More Could You Want in a Bong?!? This enthusiastically striped & colourful glass bong features a dome style Percolator, clever ice notches for a fun cooling effect and a practical ash catcher.   It even comes with a spare glass down stem to make use even easier.     Get…
Conical Leaf Glass Bong thumbnail

Conical Leaf Glass Bong

This is a huge beast of a glass bong. It is conical shaped and stands at 39cm (~15 in). It is a very high quality glass bong with a removable down pipe and bowl that comes with a built in smoke diffuser.
Curled Amber Glass Bong thumbnail

Curled Amber Glass Bong

This glass bong comes equipped with a leaf decal and a removable bowl and stem. The curled mouthpiece and bubbler ensures longer exposure of the smoke to the cool glass to ensure a smoother and denser smoke.
Cylindrical Glass Bong thumbnail

Cylindrical Glass Bong

This product is a staff favorite. It stands 30 cm high (~12 in) and has a spiraled chamber that spins the smoke to smooth and condense it. This bong has a side shoot mouthpiece and a bowl that drops in from the top.
Double Bubble Glass Bong Lean Back thumbnail

Double Bubble Glass Bong Lean Back

This neat little 18 cm (~7 in) glass bong features a double bubbler and removable down pipe for easy cleaning. Angled Bongs are unique for their portable size and shape. The thick glass on this bong ensures durability and quality.
Double Bubble Glass Bong with Side Pipe thumbnail

Double Bubble Glass Bong with Side Pipe

This is a double bubbler glass bong with a side mounted smoking tube. It stands at 17cm (~ 7 in) and has a bowl that drops down into the chamber from the top.
Double Shooter bong thumbnail

Double Shooter bong

Our glass Double Shooter Bong packs one hell of a hit. Load up both bowls and take a serious rip and get ready for maximum enjoyment.
Glass Ash Catcher & Down Stem Replacements thumbnail

Glass Ash Catcher & Down Stem Replacements

For When You’ve Been a Bungling Fool These replacements are made to fit the Glass Percolator Bongs with Ash Catchers here,   If you have another bong with a 14.5mm glass fitting, these replacements will work just …
Glass Bong Gift Boxed thumbnail

Glass Bong Gift Boxed

This bent glass bong comes housed in a carved wooden box with gauzes, a pillbox, a brush, and a key ring pipe. This package has all you could ever need…except the smoke...
Glass Bottle Bong thumbnail

Glass Bottle Bong

This glass bottle bong comes equipped with a Rasta colored toke tube and our trusty green leaf decal on the bottle! This bottle bong can be slipped inside your pocket even while standing at 10 cm (~ 4 in)!
Glass Ice Bong thumbnail

Glass Ice Bong

Using an ice bong does not make you a Polar Bear, Moose or Arctic Wolf anymore than living in the Taiga would. Sometimes it can still be fun to pretend you are, and it's completely doable with this Glass Ice Bong!
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