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Arc Lighter thumbnail

Arc Lighter

Dr. Who is well known for his many brilliant gadgets, the best of all being the time travelling Tardis that's, "bigger on the inside than it is on the outside!!!" The survivalist side of him (or her depending on what season you're watching) would be carrying an Arc Lighter for when he's stuck in the middle of nowhere. There's no fuel to mess with, and lights up a colourful double electrical arc at the simple push of a button!
Boxed Glass Shotgun Pipe thumbnail

Boxed Glass Shotgun Pipe

If taking intense hits of your favourite herbs is your style, then get packing and shotgun those hits with a glass shotgun pipe! The Pass The Bong Crew's got an amazing variety of lengths, all snugly protected in a black box with an interior felt lining!
Breath of Fresh Air Mouthwash thumbnail

Breath of Fresh Air Mouthwash

Get your mouth the action that it deserves and the action you crave with a dash of this pleasantly flavoured mouthwash as part of your normal dental hygienic routine. Your partner and your mouth will both be grateful.
Buddha Incense & Tea Light Set thumbnail

Buddha Incense & Tea Light Set

Add a sense of calmness & peacefulness to your living space with this Beautiful Buddha Incense & Tea Light Set.
Cool Blue Starry Elephant Bedcover thumbnail

Cool Blue Starry Elephant Bedcover

The chill blues in this bedcover provide a sense of calmness so that you can relax after a long & stressful day.
Glass Bong Gift Boxed thumbnail

Glass Bong Gift Boxed

This bent glass bong comes housed in a carved wooden box with gauzes, a pillbox, a brush, and a key ring pipe. This package has all you could ever need…except the smoke...
Patchwork Design Bedcover thumbnail

Patchwork Design Bedcover

Refresh the look of your living space with a vibrantly colourful & creative bedcover that makes you want to go on an adventurous Elephant ride!
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