Pipe Cleaners-Pack of 50
I know what you’re thinking: these are just bits of wire with felt stuff on them right? Wrong, these are the tools you need to keep your prized bongs in tip-top condition and to keep them as valuable as the day you bought them. 50 fine pipe cleaners of the highest calibre for true bong lovers.

    How Much Do You Love Your Bong?

    If you love it as much as I think you do, then you need to have a pack of these 50 pipe cleaners in your bong tool kit. They don’t cost a lot and are crucial for keeping your bong clean and to extend its life as long as possible. Plus they are flexible enough to be used to clean all different types of bong so no matter what you’re packing, these are for you.

    Rhino Gifts can’t stress enough just how importance bong hygiene is. Just like your genitals, you need to keep your bong clean and free from gunk or else it will smell and no one will love you ever. Take this chance to avoid embarrassment.

    Get Your Pack of 50 Pipe Cleaners Now!

    NB: Rhino Gifts’ products are not to be used for any illegal substances.

    50 pipe cleaners
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