Pipe Cleaners-Multi Coloured (Pack of 100)
While pipe cleaners may seem like a small insignificant part of a bong lovers tool kit, they are in fact crucial for maintaining their operative qualities and their value in the long run. Plus you can use them for cleaning pipes, wind instruments and any other item with an orifice you think might need a good scrub. Plus you get 100!

    Chase the Felt Rainbow!

    OK so these are just pipe cleaners but as pipe cleaners go, these are top notch, great value for money and will help you extend the life of your prized bongs. They come in all kinds of colours, like a big bendy rainbow…and you get 100 of them? That’s enough pipe cleaning to clean every pipe in Luxemburg...actually probably not.

    Rhino Gifts aren’t about to claim that pipe cleaners are super glamorous or anything and will change your life massively, but they will help you keep your bongs clean. Which is nice. Plus if you find this same product cheaper somewhere else online, Rhino will beat that price.

    Get Your Pack of 100 Coloured Pipe Cleaners Now!

    NB: Rhino Gifts’ products are not to be used for any illegal substances.

    many colours
    100 Pipe cleaners
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