Angelo Pipe Cleaners
These classic pipe cleaners are perfect for cleaning all manner of different pipes; they cost £0.0344 each (packs of 100) and come in an array of pretty colours. If you absolutely positively have to clean every pipe in the room…accept no substitute…

    If Carlsberg Did Pipe Cleaners…

    These pipe cleaners can not only clean your pipes, extend the life of your favourite bong and be used as the source of a terribly immature joke, they can also be used for cleaning loads of other stuff and can be used by children to make shapes and animals and other arty type stuff. Good clean fun!

    These pipe cleaners do exactly what you expect…and then a whole lot more! Use your imagination but just don’t stick them in your ears. If you find this exact product elsewhere online, Rhino Gifts will beat that price. Plus you can have them delivered discreetly, just in case you’re worried about someone stealing your pipe cleaners…

    Get Your Angelo Pipe Cleaners Today!

    NB: Rhino Gifts’ products are not to be used for any illegal substances.

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