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Stash Candle

Hide it Away... No one likes it when someone takes cookies from the cookie jar. Protect your prized stash in a super secret place that isn’t suspicious...a peaceful candle. Each Stash Candle has a hidden compartment for your stuff, so there’s no key to worry about losing.   Use…
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Suncase Solar Lighter

No Fuel Needed But The Sun’s Rays! Point the Suncase to the sun with both mirrors opened and look for the best position to capture the sun's rays.   The parabolic mirrors focus instantly on the fire chamber, quickly lighting your cigarette.   The great new, environmentally f…
TUBAC thumbnail


This bong is funky and cool. Little additions like the metal topped mouthpiece, a heavy metal base, a diamond style gem set into the mouthpiece, and a diffuser to make the smoke cooler all add to make this one of the most street-cred worthy bong around.
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