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2 Toke Predator Bong thumbnail

2 Toke Predator Bong

This intriguing bong is as ugly as it is awesome. It’s like a crazy skull with mad colours on top of it and two pipes coming out of its head like an alien. It’s 7 inches (18cm) of insanity that you are going to love…or be terrified of…you’ll find out.
Compact Acrylic Bong thumbnail

Compact Acrylic Bong

With its rimmed mouthpiece, flat base, metal bowl and choke, and colorful tint, this bong looks very sheik and clean. Standing at 18 cm (~7 in), this bong has a bubble chamber to add another dimension to your choice of smoke.
Double Bubble Glass Bong Lean Back thumbnail

Double Bubble Glass Bong Lean Back

This neat little 18 cm (~7 in) glass bong features a double bubbler and removable down pipe for easy cleaning. Angled Bongs are unique for their portable size and shape. The thick glass on this bong ensures durability and quality.
Glass Waterpipe thumbnail

Glass Waterpipe

This is a stylish black suit with no frilly lining; this is a car with a v8 and no hubcaps; this is a black bal point pen; this is brown paper bag; this is a titanium wedding ring; this is a perfect, simple and classy waterpipe that does what it needs to
Leaf Bong thumbnail

Leaf Bong

Leaf embossed bong with a fixed toke tube(18cm)
Showing 1-5 of 5